Why Michael Keaton gave a nod to his Western roots in Monday’s Emmy win


Micheal Keaton proves once again why Pittsburgh is the city of Champi-yinz.

The Robinson native picked up a golden statue during Monday night’s broadcast of the 74th Emmy Awards for his work as a lead actor in a limited or anthology series.

Keaton, who plays Dr. Samuel Finnix in the Hulu miniseries depicting America’s struggle with opioid addiction, has previously won Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe honors for his performance in the drama based on the non-fiction book “Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Pharmaceutical Company that Got America Addicted” by Beth Macy; this is her first Emmy.

As he approached the stage, Keaton, 71, joked with presenter Oprah Winfrey, “You’re about 90, right?” before continuing “I must tell you, first of all, that my face hurts so much because of all the fake smiles I have done.”


All laughs aside, Keaton, who called “Dopesick” one of the most special projects he’s ever worked on, spoke enthusiastically in his acceptance speech about growing up in western Pennsylvania, his fascination childhood for the small, black and white television that his father won in a raffle and the support he received from his family, who, although not patrons of the arts, encouraged him when he acted out scenes from the comedies and gangster movies he loved, or when he created his own episodes.

“To this day, they have never been demeaning, they have never been dismissive, they have never looked down on me, they have never made fun of me and, in fact, they have asked me to re-enact scenes for them,” he said.

He left for another laugh, praising his parents and siblings for never making him feel like a fool, “because I kept doing it a few times myself.”

Although this is Keaton’s first Emmy, the veteran entertainer is no stranger to accolades. Perhaps best known for portraying Batman in the hit 1989 and 1992 films of the same name, Keaton was nominated for Grammys, Tonys and Oscars, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in the acclaimed “Birdman.” by critics in 2014, which also won Best Picture that year. He was also part of the entire cast of the 2015 Oscar-winning drama “Spotlight.”

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