Witcher fans already have the perfect Liam Hemsworth replacement


Dust just doesn’t settle netflixit is the witcher debacle. In case you missed it, and I really hope this isn’t me breaking the news, Henry Cavill has left the show. Cavill will portray Geralt of Rivea in the upcoming third season, but this will mark his final appearance. Liam Hemsworth will then take on the role in season four.

Cavill didn’t exactly provide a reason for his exit, but it’s pretty clear to see. the witcher deviates from Andrzej Sapkowski’s source novels, much to the dismay of Cavill who fought for the accuracy of the books. In fact, some producers reportedly even poked fun at the books. With that in mind, fans started a petition asking Netflix to fire the show’s writers and rehire Cavill. None of this mess is Liam Hemsworth’s fault, but the actor hasn’t had the best reception in the franchise.

Check out this amazing The Witcher-inspired pyrography art below.

The truth is, we’ve yet to see Liam Hemsworth in action as Geralt of Rivea, so we should really reserve judgment. That being said, fans just aren’t thrilled with the cast. A created fan a “first look” model of Liam in action – essentially a deep fake replacing Cavill with Hemsworth. Fans have pointed out how “perfect” Cavill’s version of Geralt is. I’d like to think Liam’s audition would have captured some of that same essence, but fans have another idea for a Geralt replacement.

As reported by We have this cover3D artist Wonki Cho wowed fans with a series of concept art which cast actor Mads Mikkelsen in the role. I admit Mikkelsen looks very cool as Geralt and let’s be honest, all the man touches is gold. Fans had similar opinions on Twitter. grumpy wrote“No offense to Liam Hemsworth by playing the witcher but like, we have a very good Mads Mikkelsen here.

Credit/Wonki Cho via ArtStation

Revnardent added“Petition for Mads Mikkelsen to be next Witcher.” Fans aren’t the only ones saddened by Cavill’s departure. Actor Doug Cockle who plays Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also admitted that he is “sad to see him [Cavill] go.” Us too, Doug.

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